I have over years experience both designing and developing websites. By the age of 13 I had learnt HTML, after discovering that FrontPage was a developers worst nightmare. From then I went on to learn PHP, and discovered just how flexible programming for the web could be. Eventually I taught myself MySQL and various other web technologies that has brought me the skills that I now use almost daily.

Highlights of some of the projects that I have worked on over the past few years are shown below, for a list of my skills click here.

Chandos on Film (2012)

PHP • HTML5 • CSS3 • PayPal • Google Apps
Screenshot of Chandos on Film

Chandos on Film is single purpose website dedicated to Chandos's food filming courses for the web. This website was designed based on a template provided to me, and includes multimedia content from The Chef's directory, alongside Google Apps integration for Email accounts.

The Chef's Directory (2010 - Present)

PHP • MySQL • Apache & Server Configuration • HTML5 • CSS3
Screenshot of The Chef's Directory

The Chef's Directory is tagged “the worldwide culinary hub”, containing a comprehensive directory of Chef's, Restaurant's and related businesses. In addition providing a library of unique films and news. This site was built from the ground up to allow for full customisability of each area.

T. Johnson Engineering (2010)

PHP • MySQL • jQuery • Website Design • Data Entry

This project was a bespoke stock management system for a local engineering company, this required the creation of a database to hold variable components that were kept in stock, alongside a database of structures that could be made by these components. This allowed for the ability to instantly check component stock to see what needed re-ordering, and even to check if a given structure could be built from current stock levels.

TweetYears (2009)

Twitter API • PHP • jQuery
Screenshot of TweetYears

TweetYears is simple web service that shows your “Twitter age”, aka how long you have been using Twitter. Built originally as a learning exercise for the Twitter API this has since been recognised around many blogs.

6 Week Golf Lesson (2008)

PHP • MySQL • Google Checkout • PayPal • SSL

6WGL was my first large-scale commercial project, involving creating a bespoke e-commerce system that automatically distributes video-based golf lessons to subscribers. One of the main aspects of this website was the integration with Google Checkout and PayPal for payment processing. This meant that the site ran itself once deployed, and users were able to sign up and buy their subscription instantly, with lessons being sent out via Email over the 6 week duration of the course.

Linux Screenshots (2007)

PHP • MySQL • Website Design
Screenshot of Linux Screenshots

The idea of Linux Screenhots came about when I was first learning about Linux and trying to find the best “distro” to install. With little knowledge of the technical differences what I wanted was to see a visual comparison of what was available, and found that there were no good resources available to see this. This website was the output, whilst I do not have the time to dedicate to it nowadays it still serves as an historical resource of how the Linux operating system has progressed over recent years.

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